Introducing Chris (‘El Escritor’) Dolan.

This is Eddie & Liam, Chris’s cycling companions. Unbeknown to Chris we have temporarily hijacked the Blog. Click on the sound file below to find out what happened after we listened to our pen portraits, published by Chris in the last post.

Chris’s pen portrait.

18 thoughts on “Introducing Chris (‘El Escritor’) Dolan.

  1. Great guys, cycling an amazing route and I’m already loving your blog and sound bites – keep them coming guys. Good luck everyone xx

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  2. Eddie and Liam….😝 absolutely howlin, wi laughter- A really um!
    Eddie is Ronald Villiers!!
    Great stuff, indeed.


  3. ¡Absolutamente
    fantastico, hombres!
    Me encanta lo todo, en particular los “audios”
    El blog falta nada y contiene lo todo por entretenerme.
    Muchas gracias y ¡buen viaje! X apologies for the pidgin Spanish 😊


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