We’re that ahead of our time we were in Zamora yesterday…. (A wee joke for those who speak Scots and know that Z in Spanish is pronounced ‘th’.)

Our last blog was a light-hearted one. But it was about memory.

What is remembered, and how we decipher and use our stories, is central to what we’re doing here. In Spain, a country we love and which continues to astonish and challenge us, memories and what’s done with them is of continuing importance. Our chance encounters in the city of Zamora were both happy and revealing. Listen to how we met the lovely Visi….

Visi’s story
Visitacion Lastre (front, right) and her friends in Zamora
The statue that amused Visi so much

Not long after, we met other new friends. With different but equally revealing stories to tell. The setting couldn’t have been more fitting:

Liam reading Zamora’s poetry wall
Angel’s story
Angel remembers

The day we met Angel and his wife Maria was by chance the day Perez Rubalcaba, the ex-president of the Spanish Socialist Party was being buried. Maria and Rubalcaba had been students of chemistry together in Madrid. The two of them had fought, and won, for the rights and payment of early academics. Her old friend was very much on her mind all evening.

Maria with Eddie
Maria reads ‘La Tormenta‘ (The Storm), on the Poetry Wall

Here’s the poem. A lyrical verse on reviving love at each meeting (If, when I’m with you you don’t see me / if my love cannot reach you / if the weight of my presence is too much to carry / then let’s pretend to ignore one another….)

An extraordinary day, after a cycle of memorable beauty – drifting easily down from the hills into a sea of wheat fields and cloudy meadows.

An equally gorgeous cycle took us to our next stop, Tordesillas. If, Faulkner is right, that ‘the past is never dead, it’s not even past’, then what happened 500 years ago in Tordesillas might just as well have been yesterday. Or Za-mora.

14 thoughts on “Zamora….

  1. Thamorra, Zamora it’s all Spanish to me . Rooftop violin playing – Was this risk assessed? I worry about you 3!!


  2. Hi intrepid cyclists. What an amazing journey! A real life experience the memories of which will last you a lifetime and bring joy to your followers. The wisdom of years and the stuff of life, love, bitterness, passion and laughter and so much more. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Chris- Really enjoying following your Journey and all the great people and moments along the way. Eric


  4. Impresionante Chris lo de tocar el violín en un tejado.
    What a journey. Have you spoken to Loach or Spielberg yet?


    1. Phil. Just a wee note to say thank you for all your encouragement along the way. Much appreciated. I never managed to say this earlier because those eejits always had me doing something else instead!


  5. Enjoyed the Visi loves the Zizi story….and the significant childhood memory which is a warning for the present. The trail of a Spain partially forgotten is throwing up some gems. Good stuff, hombres.

    Zamora, Zamora y Zamora
    Se arrastra en este pequeño paso día a día,
    A la última sílaba del tiempo grabado. … etcetera

    Buen viaje.


  6. What a journey. Amazing stories. You 3 will take so much with you as you journey on and I’m sure also leave a lot of your story with the people you have met for them to share


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