Over the Sierra de Guaderrama

Between the blogging, and busking, and bantering, and bevvying (not Liam of course), this is also a major cycling expedition. The run up over the Sierra Guadarrama was long, high, cold, and just about did for us (not Liam, of course).

Just a short blog, and we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves….

We is total heroes, by the way….

7 thoughts on “Over the Sierra de Guaderrama

  1. Climb, climb like the wind 💨 💨
    Signs of doom! Just to let you know how far you still have to climb😬. Well done guys , I hope the descent was a just reward.


  2. Impresionante mis queridos amigos escoceses!!!
    Yo no soy capaz ni de subir las escaleras de mi portal 😉
    Anne nada de viejos!!!! Unos yogurines!!! jajaja
    Un abrazo catalan


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