Blooper Tape 1

First of all, we would like to announce that Mark Fraser is the winner of the competition for the best caption to accompany the image we published which was produced by…em…Mark Fraser…

Thank you to all those who submitted a caption. We loved them all. We did a blind ranking, giving three points to our favourite, two to second favourite and one point to the third… Eddie writes:

The brilliant Quixotic- inspired creation by our loyal blogger “Sebwaree” aka “Mark Dali” aka Mark Fraser provoked a tsunami ( mini) of ingenious suggestions for our Caption competition ( Cuenca to Valencia) clearly enthused, nae excited beyond measure, by the recklessly extravagant prize on offer of one (1.00) euro. Extraordinary.

An independent jury of undisclosed judges locked down in undisclosed locations across the entire width of ‘the Wessie’ in East Kilbride have reached the unanimous decision that the winner is….

Sebwaree, aka Mark Dali aka Mark Fraser for his ingenious “Which wan’s (the) Donkey?”

( We checked the Constitution and there is no clause which debars the creator from being awarded the Bumper Prize.)

Any appeal to the above decision will be considered and has a snowball’s chance in hell of being upheld.

The winner’s location is kept confidential to prevent begging letters to share the the eye-watering remuneration. Thanks to all submissions which ranged from mildly funny to totally lacking in imagination or ingenuity. But thanks, anyway

That done, here are a few outtakes from our journey that, for one reason or another, we didn’t manage to get into the blog…

Eddie & Liam chat idly in Dublin airport, while testing the microphones.

Below, the day of our first busk. The fiesta in Galicia. Midday and nobody had a drink, but the atmosphere was phenomenal…

Watch out for our very own Escritor being more Galician than the Galicians!

And here are a couple more sound files, starting off with Liam’s memories of his early days in Spain. He went off to his old haunt Guadalajara, ate about 10 cakes, and recorded this…

Liam visits Guadalajara, where he spent a year as a student in 1976-1977, and has a think back to old times.

One day, we’ll release this ‘bootleg’ and make a fortune from it… ?! Like the video of the fiesta in Galicia, above, it looks and sound like everybody’s had a few. Actually, this is just what high spirits and lack of practice sounds like…

Some out-takes from the Sexygenarians’ attempts to busk.

Finally, on a more serious note, Eddie reading Philip Larkin’s At Grass poem. We had passed some horses, somewhere en route, and Eddie thought of this piece. It happened to be exactly a year since he’d retired, and this poem understands something of his feelings and thoughts. Thus the beautifully balanced reading. He’s a terrific reciter is the ‘Duco, and from memory:

At Grass

That’s it for now, folks. Another post – apparently we’ve been calling them ‘blog’ and that shows both our age and our ignorance – very shortly. Dispatches from further down the line, including a song by Paul Cuddihy, and a fotie of oranges. Hasta pronto – or as we say here in Spain – Pasty porridge.

One thought on “Blooper Tape 1

  1. My question remains unanswered 😂.
    Looking forward to my shiny, it better be shiny, Euro coin. It will be the foundation stone of my next cycling expedition. Do they take euros in Auldhouse?


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